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The King’s Inquisitor Cover Reveal & Release Date!

Just a quick post to share with you the cover of my upcoming second novel, The King’s Inqusitior. Release date has been set for July 1st, and you can preorder now and get a 10% discount if you order from Late November Literary! Use code: Discount_10

Here is a quick blurb:

Witches aren’t the only ones to burn.

The queen of Scotland is dead and the almoner’s son, William, has fulfilled his father’s wish that he should serve the king, James VI, at court. But when William finds himself caught between loyalty to his long-time friend and sovereign, and following his own conscience, he finds the choice too difficult to make. As William is forced to serve as the king’s inquisitor in the North Berwick witch trials, he must make a decision. Will he do what the king asks, and earn the wife, title and prestige he has always longed for, or will he let a bold Scottish lass with suspicion hanging over her head, influence him to follow his heart and do the right thing?

​If William doesn’t make the right choice, he may be among the accused. 

This is the second book in the Stuart Monarch Series. Both books are standalones. You do not have to read The Queen’s Almoner to understand The King’s Inquisitor. However, you are sure to recognize some of the characters from the first book.

In addition to getting a 10% discount, if you preorder before July 1, you can also be entered into my Instagram Preorder Mini Giveaway! It’s easy:

  1. Follow me on Instagram.
  2. Order your copy of The King’s Inquisitor by June 30, 2022.
  3. Take a snapshot of the order confirmation email.
  4. Direct message me the pic on Instagram. It’s THAT simple!

You could win 1 of 10 prizes!

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Book Review – The Kings Inquisitor by Tonya Ulynn Brown

What a wonderful review of The King’s Inquisitor from historical fiction author, Catherine Meyrick. Catherine is so knowledgeable of the 16th century, having written two books set in this time period herself (The Bridled Tongue and Forsaking All Other). This is exactly why, when looking for readers to endorse The King’s Inquisitor, I thought of her.

Thank you so much, Catherine!

Catherine Meyrick

The Kings Inquisitor by Tonya Ulynn Brown opens in December 1590 with James VI and his childhood friend William Broune making their way at dusk through the noisesome streets of Edinburgh in the company of a witch-pricker. In a dank room reeking of evil and cruelty at the Edinburgh’s gaol, the Tollbooth, David Seaton, Deputy Bailiff of Tranent, has been ‘questioning’ Geillis Duncan with pilliwinks and rope to force her to confess to witchcraft. James has come to watch the interrogation. Geillis, a young servant of Seton’s, was one of the many who were believed to have used witchcraft to raise a storm intended to capsize the ship in which James VI and his new bride Anne of Demark had been travelling back to Scotland earlier in the year. James believed the storm was an attempt to kill him and took an intense interest in the questioning of those believed…

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